The Metronome is a bi-weekly podcast featuring conversations and interviews with today’s most exciting music makers


From singers, songwriters and performers, to producers and engineers, to music journalists, filmmakers and other industry professionals — the Metronome podcast defies genre and category with its eclectic taste in guests and topics. Each episode brings you an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at the most interesting people making an impact on music and culture.

The show is hosted and curated by Swain Hunt, an Atlanta-based songwriter and former recording engineer. For nearly a decade, Swain was one of the hosts of Sidebar, a popular and critically-acclaimed visual arts podcast. Sidebar’s back catalog boasts the most respected names working in comics, animation, illustration, film and video games. The show was lauded for its excellence by Spectrum Fantastic Art and ImagineFX magazine.

As a level-10 music nerd who can go from Beck to Biggie to Beyoncé in 0.6 seconds, Swain shifts the tempo and the conversation back to music — via the Metronome.



Photo by Steve Eberhardt

Intro/outro music: Bring It On! by Gyom